The Impacts of a Novel Intervention on the Gender Gap in Technology Education: A Randomized Controlled Experiment
I designed and implemented a nudge intervention intended to increase the proportion of college women enrolling in technology courses. The components of the intervention, all based on educational and social-psychological research, included encouragement from academic advisors, messages designed to counter psychological barriers, and counter-stereotypical imagery. To evaluate the effects of the intervention, I conducted a large-scale RCT with approximately 4,000 incoming freshmen at Indiana University's flagship Bloomington campus. The results of the evaluation show that the intervention had positive, persistent effects on students' likelihood of enrolling in a technology course.


The Economic Impacts of Investing in Early Childhood Education in Indiana
Ashlyn Nelson, NaLette Brodnax, and Lauron Fischer
Published by the Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce, the Office of Education Innovation in the Office of the Mayor of Indianapolis, the United Way of Central Indiana, and the Eugene & Marilyn Glick Family Foundation

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